Your own personal sun at home.
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With the SunRiseNSet for Hue app, you can wake up and go to sleep with the natural light of your choice. And more...

Enjoy every morning light

It's time to stop waking up tired. It's time to stop accepting aggressive light when your bodies ask for a soft, progressive glow to stir you out of sleep or push you into morpheus' arms. With our app, you will be able to customize and adapt your Philips Hue lights to a setting that brings you up (or helps you go to sleep) like the real sun would : naturally.

Light patterns

Choose between 6 different patterns that mimic the sun in different situations and environments.

Easy scheduling

Program your pattern to be triggered when you want. Automatically. Choose the right pattern for your week days and another for the week end, one different for each day or just once :
YOU have the control.

Easy To Use

Inspired by the iOS alarm clock, setting a sun pattern feels simple and natural. Our app is optimized both for the iPhone and the iPad screen.


Because it uses the Philips Hue bridge to store the schedules, our app doesn't need your iPhone or iPad to be switched on to work. You can go to sleep and let the magic happen. Hassle free.

How it works

Watch our demo video or follow our three simple steps.

Install it

Go in the app store and search for 'SunRiseNSet for Hue'.

Launch it

At first launch, you will need to connect the app to your Hue bridge. Simply follow the instruction on the screen.

Add a sun schedule

Push the '+' button in the app, choose the time you want to wake up / go to sleep and any other option (duration, frequency, pattern).
Save it. You're done !
Your Hue lights will go ON or OFF by themselves.

See it in action

These are examples taken from the iPhone version, but our app is also available (and pretty !) on any iPad with iOS 7 installed.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Frequently asked questions

Do not hesitate to contact us if you don't find the answer you're looking for here.

What does the app need to work?

This app is exclusively compatible with Philips Hue light system. First, you must have a working Philips Hue setup with at least one bulb and one bridge.

And of course an iOS 7.0+ compatible system. Nothing else is needed.

Does it work with LIFX bulbs?

No. It doesn't, sorry. From what we know, LIFX bulbs doesn't have the ability to store schedules. It would take a separate system to trigger the patterns or it would involve keeping the iPhone/iPad always on. We don't think it would be a good user experience.

If ever LIFX get the ability to store a schedule or get a bridge equivalent, please let us know.

Can I use multiple iOS device with the same Hue setup?

Yes. Not only does the app allow being used with multiple devices at home, but it also synchronizes schedules between them (using the Hue bridge) without you having to do anything.

So feel free to install the app on all your iOS devices !

Does it work with older iPhone/iPad ?

The app is compatible with ALL devices that are running iOS 7+. So if your device support iOS 7 or more, you're safe.

There are 2 versions of the app in the AppStore. Is there a difference?

The FREE version comes with only ONE sun pattern included. The full version comes with 4 sun patterns. Other than that, they include the exact same functionality.

We decided to do 2 separate versions, because we understand that some people may want to try our application before paying for anything. Though, price-wise, the full version is the best bargain!

The app worked but now it seems broken...

The only reason we found why the app would not work when it did before, was because of a bridge software or Philips Hue app update. If you end up in this situation, the only solution is to 'kill' the SunriseNSet app.

To 'kill' the SunRiseNSet on iOS, do the following :

    double tap the 'Home' button
    in the list of running app that appear, scroll left until your find the SunRiseNSet app
    swipe from the bottom of the app upward, the app will disappear from the list of active app
    relaunch the app from your Home screen
    the app should work now, if not, please do contact us


Download it now

*The FREE version includes ONLY 1 free sun pattern, 5 more patterns are purchasable.
**The full version includes 4 free sun patterns, 2 more patterns are purchasable.

AppStore Reviews

“Awesome app”
Sunrise n set has changed the way I start my day. Awesome app with great customer service.
by davis2bj - Version - 1.9.1 - Dec 1, 2014

“Works well”
Works well nice to wake up to during the dark winter mornings
by Mysterymitch - Version - 1.9 - Nov 24, 2014

“Great app”
Love the improvements made in the last version! Still some bugs to fix though
by BGhyllebert - Version - 1.8.1 - Nov 3, 2014

“I use it every day”
This is a great way to start waking up before your alarm goes off. I like that I can judge how much time I have in the morning by the brightness and hue of the lights. I'd like to see a gradient under the sunrise variants so I can know what to expect from each in the morning..
by err404 - Version 1.3 - Jun 20, 2014
note : the gradient indicator was added in version 1.4

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